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GAF Cement Siding 12″ x 24″

Replacement for asbestos shingle siding.

  • Wavy edge and Straight edge
  • Size: 12″ x 24″
  • Thickness: 11/64″
  • Exposure: 11″
  • Material: Fiber cement
  • Color: White
  • Contains no asbestos
  • 33 sq. ft. area coverage – 18 pieces to a bundle
  • Siding won’t warp, dent, rot, shrink, or expand and resist termites
  • Fire-proof, durable, and resistant to freeze-thaw conditions
  • Tough and durable, even for commercial applications
  • Paintable
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Elevate Your Home’s Appeal with GAF Siding

Discover Superior Elegance: GAF Fiber Cement Siding Shingles

Unveil the epitome of sophistication with our GAF Fiber Cement Siding Shingles. Crafted to redefine your home’s exterior, these shingles seamlessly blend aesthetics and durability. Elevate your curb appeal and make a lasting impression with the timeless elegance of GAF.

Exceptional Durability, Timeless Beauty

This siding stands as a testament to enduring quality. Engineered for longevity, these shingles resist the test of time, providing a durable shield against the elements. Yet, durability doesn’t compromise beauty. Each shingle is a masterpiece, promising a timeless allure that enhances your home’s visual charm.

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