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Door Shop

At M&M Lumber, our extensive collection of interior and exterior doors offers a myriad of possibilities. These doors can be acquired in a pre-hung state, and we provide you the flexibility to choose from various specifications including jamb species, jamb width, hinge color, and sill finish. These options are meticulously tailored to suit the unique requirements of your project.

For exterior doors, we go a step further, offering the option of installing lite inserts or even accommodating a convenient doggie door, ensuring your pet’s freedom of movement.

Furthermore, our door shop is equipped to embellish your doors with exquisite trim, both on the interior and exterior, ensuring that they seamlessly blend with your project’s aesthetic.

But that’s not all; our door shop also excels in crafting stock and custom corbels, cedar louvers, and cedar shutters of various shapes and sizes, adding an extra layer of versatility to our offerings.

Need help with what to make your rough opening?
See our Rough Opening Guide below:

Rough Opening Guide

Do you have a door that you want to replace, but not the jamb?
Use the door measurement guide below.  Make all measurements from the top of the door, down to the place specified for a measurement.  The door that we make using your specs will fit in the hole of your door with minimal effort.

Door Measurement Guide

Doorshop Warehouse

M&M Lumber boasts a well-stocked doorshop warehouse, replete with an extensive inventory of interior doors. Our selection includes an eclectic mix of designs, encompassing the elegant minimalism of 1, 3, and 5-panel shaker doors, the timeless charm of 6-panel colonists, the sophistication of French doors, the space-saving utility of bi-fold doors, and the sleek simplicity of flush doors, among others.

Custom Order

You have the freedom to customize your door, whether you prefer it as a standalone slab or a pre-hung unit. Further personalize your choice with hardware finishes in brass, brushed chrome, or the stylish oil-rubbed bronze. For those requiring non-standard dimensions, our special order service accommodates custom cut-down heights and widths.

Order Now

It’s important to note that all in-stock doors are delivered in their natural, unfinished state, offering a blank canvas for your creative vision. If expediency is not a priority, we also offer pre-finished doors via special order, though they may come with an additional lead time.

Your Vision, Your Choice. At M&M Lumber

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