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Tornado Videos 8-6-17

Every wondered why mom said not to play by a downed power line?
Watch this video.  This is at 1:23 am Sunday morning when the tornado blew through 47/Mingo at M&M Lumber.  The rain is coming down hard, but you can still see…the top of the screen is a power line that broke.  It flashes a few times and dances across the ground several times.  We have burned lines in our parking lot where this happened.

Parking lot 8-6-17


The video below is from the front door camera looking back into the store.  This video goes black after a few seconds when we lost power, then you see a gush of wind blow through the store from when the front windows are blown out followed by lots of lightening.  Papers, hats, and other merchandise is blown all throughout…

Front door 8-6-17

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