Insulation Products

Why Insulate Your House?Insulation-frame
Heating and cooling account for 50 – 70% of the energy used in the average American home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes. Insulation:
-saves money and our nation’s limited energy resources
-makes your house more comfortable by helping to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house, and
-makes walls, ceilings, and floors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
The easiest and most important area of the house to insulate is the attic.  This is where your investment will pay off the most.  According to the US Department of energy, an improperly insulated attic may be responsible for up to 1/2 of your home’s energy loss.

What is R-Value?
Insulation is specified by its thermal resistance, or R-value.  The ‘R’ means the resistance to heat flow.  the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The R-value depends on the type of insulation, its thickness, and its density.