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Flush & 6-Panel Metal Door

Doors are available as slabs or pre-hung units, with no bore, one, or double bore
Flush Metal
1-3/4”x 80”
24”x 80”, 30”x 80”, 32”x 80”, 36”x 80”

6-panel Metal
1-3/4”x 80”
30”x 80”, 32”x 80”, 36”x 80”


Door lites can be installed along with a transom and/or side lites

Doors can easily be hung as a pair

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Elevate Your Space with a Flush or 6-Panel Metal Door

Metal doors are a popular choice if you are seeking durability, security and style. Metal doors are typically made of steel and boast unparalleled strength providing robust protection against forced entry and intruders. Their solid construction contributes to enhanced security, offering peace of mind for occupants. Metal doors require minimal maintenance as they are resistant to rot, warping and insect damage when compared to their wooden counterparts. Metal doors are highly customizable as they are available in a variety of styles, finishes and decorative accents, not to mention the many different door lites that can be added allowing the owner to achieve their desired aesthetics.

door-flush metal

door-6 panel metal








Flush Metal Door                                                  6-Panel Metal Door

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