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How do you like your timbers?

Cedar outdoor livingHow do you like your timbers? Cedar that is…
There are different types of cedar timbers and many are dried at the mill with many different cost layers and different results in your project.

Green: Green is when a tree is cut down, the timber is cut to size and the material is shipped. A green timber can be prone to twisting, warping and checking.

Kiln Dried: Kiln dried is when a timber is dried in a kiln to desired moisture content. Testing is done by checking the timber with a probe to a 1” depth. This may mean that the center of the timber is still green.

RF Dried: Radio Frequency timbers are by freeze drying them. This is a cheap and quick way to dry material but many in the industry believe that it damages the fibers of the wood.

M&M Lumber is stocking FOHC timbers – Free of Heart Centers.

cedar checking
cedar checking

Free of heart center means there is no “bull’s eye,” as the stock is cut away from the center of the log. This is important, as timbers that contain heart centers will crack radially as they season, causing large surface checks. These checks don’t usually affect structural integrity, but detract from the overall appearance, and can cause twisting. The openings created by checking can also cause the wood to absorb moisture and decay-causing organisms, shortening its life.

Next time you need a cedar beam for exposed timber ceilings, decks, gazebos and other applications where the quality of the timber reflects upon the entire project, take a look at our stock as it is a step above others in town.

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