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Last updated: 10-27-22

Delivery Policy

M&M Lumber currently delivers in the extended Tulsa metro area as a “curbside” delivery only. We attempt to meet any reasonable need of our customers in timing, location and placement. Most of our deliveries are completed within a 24-hour timeframe. The most difficult factor in our deliveries is a specific timing of any particular delivery. Weather conditions, traffic, staffing, distance, incorrect addresses, and communication all add to the challenge of completing deliveries.

Phone numbers and accurate addresses are essential to maintain communication with you about your delivery and getting the material to the correct site. 

Locked gates, not having access to gated neighborhoods, aggressive dogs, blocked driveways, or no one on site to sign if required, are all delays in deliveries. Please help us avoid these delays when you have a delivery scheduled.

Currently, deliveries in the Tulsa metro over $300 have a free delivery.  Orders under $300 will be assessed a $40 charge and will need to be sent out with other items headed in the same direction.  Deliveries over 30 miles will be assessed an additional per mile fee.

M&M Lumber has truck carried forklifts to help unload your delivery.  It is at the discretion of the driver if they can place the delivery at the location desired based on safety of the driver and equipment, not damaging the product, and not to get stuck.

Special Orders

While we carry an array of products in stock, many items must be ordered or built to order. I-Joists, windows, doors, and beams are just a few items we can special ordered for your needs. Special orders have a lead time that will vary depending on the item that is being ordered. The lead times are out of our control and will vary from vendor. Be sure to factor in the lead time so the material will be onsite when you need them.

Special orders will require a deposit at the time of order, are non-cancelable and cannot be returned for a refund. A signoff will be required for special order items before the order is placed acknowledging you understand the specific size, color, quantity and specifics of the item(s) being ordered.


Material in resalable condition; not weathered, muddy, nail holes, saw cuts, untorn packaging, etc. may be returned with a receipt.  It is the discretion of M&M Lumber staff on returnable material.
Special orders cannot be returned for credit.
Restock charges may apply.
Refunds will be made in the same manor of payment of the original sale; cash, check, credit card or in store account.

Sales Tax

As a rule, M&M Lumber charges for the sales tax rate for the location where you take possession of material. Therefore, picking up material at M&M Lumber results in being charged the Tulsa, OK, tax rate (as of 2021, 8.517%).  This means that deliveries will be billed the sales tax of the destination.  We go to great lengths to ensure we charge the right tax rate for the billing destination based off the city, county and state tax code to be compliant with state law.  Accurate addresses and zip codes are necessary.

Sales tax will be charged on all applicable products sold within the State of Oklahoma.  If you hold an Oklahoma tax exempt certificate for resale or other exempt certificate, please have documentation available before you place your order.  Due to sales tax regulations, M&M Lumber will obtain a copy of any sales tax documents for their records and adjust the sales tax accordingly based on your exempt status.

General Information

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for information and precautions of safety and health information for products from M&M Lumber suppliers shall be available upon request.

Product Protection and usage. Purchaser agrees before using purchased goods that the material is used for the purpose designed and specified by the manufacture.  M&M Lumber does not design or spec specific products for your project.  It is recommended that a structural engineer or architect is utilized to verify building code, spans and other requirements are met.  The purchaser assumes all risks and liability for product purchased and installed in accordance with federal, state and local building codes.  M&M Lumber shall not be held liable for any cost, claims or damages in connection with any acts or errors of any product purchased.

Estimates.  Any estimate is designed solely to provide the customer with a rough estimate of the amount of material used in the given project in accordance with the customers’ plans, specifications, and estimates.  No representation or warranty has been made that the actual
amount of material needed, or prices will not vary from the estimate.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our estimates, it is NOT a guarantee that Engineering or Building Code requirements have been met.  Customers should have a qualified engineer or architect review all quantities, spans and loads.

M&M Lumber makes every effort to accurately represent the products and services on our website. Our intent for this webpage is to show accurate products, colors, features that are currently available and not to mislead in any way.  Products and availability are subject to change without notice.  M&M Lumber retains the right to correct typographical errors.

M&M Lumber reserves the right to change this information at any time and for any reason.  When we change our policy or terms, it will be posted to this site.  We recommend that you visit this site from time to time to be familiar with our terms and policies.