Monthly Archives: August 2017

Kart Racing 8-22-17

Many M&M Lumber employee had bragging rights after a night at the kart track last week.   We ran several ‘qualifying’ heats before the top 10 fastest race times raced for the award winning heat.   It was a fun evening to break out of the work mode to hang out with spouses and kids at the race track. Neil, Rod and Javier were the medal winners of the nights.                        …


Tornado Videos 8-6-17

Every wondered why mom said not to play by a downed power line? Watch this video.  This is at 1:23 am Sunday morning when the tornado blew through 47/Mingo at M&M Lumber.  The rain is coming down hard, but you can still see…the top of the screen is a power line that broke.  It flashes a few times and dances across the ground several times.  We have burned lines in our parking lot where this happened. Parking lot 8-6-17  …